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Cannot load newly bought DCS Combined Arms


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Can you pls help me with my issue: Today I've download DCS Combined Arms from the Module manager - everything went fine, download ok, activation ok - but then when I opened DCS world and from the module I chose to play DCS Combined Arms I could not get my password to work - that is I entered my password and when I pressed on the right arrow to continue nothing happened - so on the top of the password page there is an X and i clicked it and then I chose the icon at the bottom of the page which shows DCS combined arms and the game started loading but got stuck at 12% upload and I waited half an hour and thought that this cannot be - I repeated same procedure and same thing happens - so now i bought a game just for nothing - can you pls help and maybe suggest what am i to do?



Eugenio Taliana

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please attach your logs folder zipped and we will try to assist


A guide can be found in my signature.


Generally when this happens it is antivirus or other security software creating problems, try adding DCS to you allowed / whitelist


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