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WarBird Mods and 1.5.6 update


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I have discovered this update has changed many aircraft dll's


As a result you need to copy the Bin, Cockpit and FM folders again to any Warbird mods installed.




This should solve any issues.


I had a virus or damaged file warning trying to run the FW -190 aircraft.


Copying the files over fixed the issue.


Do not forget to copy the mainpanel lua file or the cockpit will be out of place.


Love the Viggen!!!!!


The WW II ADC Team


A quick update.


I have found some of the older Warbird mods do not have the mainpanel lua file backed up to the main mod folder.


Make a backup of this file before copying the Cockpit folders.


If you have broken any mods (miss-placed cockpit),


Let me know and I can provide a replacement file.


Thank you

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Copy mainpanel update

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