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Missing control mappings


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If mentioned, please disregard.


I miss the SNURK button on the stick. It's the autopilot disengage button. It cancels SPAK, ATT and HÖJD if engaged.


I also would like a toggle for the trigger safety catch. As of now you either hold it in ARM or use different buttons for ARM and SAFE. It would be nice to use the same pushbutton to ARM and SAFE.


The master mode selector, weapon selector and intervall rotaries should have a clockwise rotation and a counter clockwise rotation command.


Pretty pleeease!! :)

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I am very much interested in the rotaries being assigned - clockwise and counterclockwise commands as well.


For example I can map the TILS with no problem but for example the Datapanel Selector of the CK-37 has no key bindings I can see (let alone any type of rotary assignment).


So at present I cannot do anything with the Datapanel selector other than mouse click which is quite annoying - I would like to be able to assign it to a rotary or have the option of key presses.


Maybe I am just not seeing the keys assigned to the Datapanel selector rotary?


I too would also like an ARM and SAFE toggle as well please :)

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