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Dora Campaign bug - contacting Krymsk tower?


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Hi guys,


I've just started Dora campaign and got through the first few missions. Mission #3 is to fly over to Krymsk and Mission #4 is to land at Krymsk - in both missions I have to contact the tower and in both missions, it won't reply to any of my requests. According to the mission planner, Krymsk tower channel is 39Mhz and is set to channel 1 in my aircraft - however it won't reply to me on either of the four preset channels.


Is this a bug or am I missing something? For what's worth - I have no problem communicating to my wingman over channel 2 (38.4Mhz), just as its preset in mission planner...

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I tbink it's a bug. I've seen the same thing now in both the Bf 109K campaign and the Fw 190D-9 campaign. Like you, I've checked the frequencies and Krymsk is always silent. Fortunately, as long as you just fly in the same general direction, you can find it visually and overfly it for a success.

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Nearly a year later and the bug is still not fixed. :(

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