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Cobra M5 Extension

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Since this thing is Russian made, i couldn't find enough english source on internet.

Can this stick be modded? Can i add some extension like vkb's?

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Actually no commercial extension is available for Cobra M-5 - nor their plastic gimbal is properly suitable for work with extension.


I think VKB did one at some time, but for use with his early metal gimbal for King Cobra mod of M5 (not for "vanila" M-5) no longer available (this was before Mamba models):




BAUR say that his BRD-D (D from Desktop) metal upgrade kit for M-5 is not suitable for use with extension, for this use he make the BRD-N, more reinforced/dimensioned.




You need make your own extension, try a 10~12cm extension, for place the stick at level of chair seat.

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