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Impressive BO-105 aerobatics!


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Some impressive aerobatics in a BO-105. Crikey!


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Nice vid, almost looks like an RC helicopter doing crazy stunts.


10 Hour part replacement! Man Red Bull must throw some serious coin to do this.



Preview Below, the full article can be found HERE


"Both the machines based in Salzburg and dating from 1974, carried out work for the German police. (Two other ones are based in the USA.)


Anyone who fancies purchasing a Bo105 now, and who has already seen loop the loops being flown, should first be aware of the fact that approval for aerobatic flying is subject to the most stringent safety requirements.


These include extreme restrictions on the operating hours which are reduced by a factor of 100. Component parts, which in civil aviation use have to be changed after 1000 hours, are due for replacement after just ten hours.


During an aerobatic helicopter flight there is actually a maximum of force of from 3.1 to -0.5g."

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I was at the Tannkosh Festival 2013..


At the last day on the evening sunset they did a contest. 1 min who can do more loops ? the Bo105 or Matthias Dolderer in one of his Raceplanes ?


It ended up both doing the exact amount of loops and since they had no idea how to determine a winner it was called a tie.. pretty impressive how the pilot controls the Bo105, he slid the Chopper thru the grass to the Parking position like 30ft next to me..



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