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S300/S400 --- tactical use/deployment for area-level AD?


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Does anyone have any info on how these might have been deployed/used tactically?


E.g., would they have been positioned on a hill xx km behind the front, advancing with the front as it moves along? Or would they have only been used to defend fixed installations such as airfields and HQ's?

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So, not turning up anything on this ...


But I did find the following for 80's/90's area AD:



- FEBA: Coverage of regimental weapons (engaged regiments): SA-6

- 0-15 km from FEBA: Coverage of divisional weapons: SA-6

- 15-30 km from FEBA: SA-6, protecting SA-4

- 40-60 km from FEBA: SA-4

- 50-100 km from FEBA: SA-4, protecting SA-2


From the FANTASTIC Isby book!


Maybe this could be a framework to use, switching out with more modern technologies?

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