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I can't use the ext rocket pods?


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you can not mix A-G weapons, read the manual for the allowed loadouts


Alright, I indeed read in the manual:

"Note: The aircraft ballistic computer can only handle one type of Air-to-Ground weapon. Do not load Air-to-Ground weapons mix (e.g.: rockets and bombs, or Mk-82s and Belougas, etc.) since it is probable that the system will not be able to handle the configuration."


So why can I mix int pods rockets and not ext pods rockets with others bombs then?


Other question, why can I load CCRP with CCIP bombs if we can't mix AG? I never had problem (obviously) with mixing bombs.


It doesn't make sense (for me).



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Nothing stops you from loading them..but just because they loaded does it mean it will work.


As a rule of thumb you should always select one air-to-ground weapon to mount on the pylons.

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Actually guys, this seems to be a bug of sorts. Even if you load 4 rocket pods and no bombs, the system won't use the outer rocket pods. I'm pretty sure the systems SHOULD look at the 4 rocket pods as 2 rocket pods. E.G. you click RK3 and the system fires from all 4 pods.


This does not seem to be the case however.


I noticed this last night too Blast, and found out that you have to click the empty/clear pca button next to the RK3 button on the PCA to select the outmost rocket pods.


It does not seem like this is how it should be though...

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