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  1. Put the Migs on late activation and then it's your choice if you want them to strictly activate after a given time or when you pass a trigger zone or any other condition. Migs -> Late activation In Triggerlist: Once -> Group in zone or whatever you want -> Activate Group (Migs)
  2. Turn on the historical filter and then you shouldnt see any mods. If in doubt, check the units list.
  3. When deploying flaps, get ready to compensate for balooning. Immediately adjust it, don't wait and watch your aircraft climbing. As you've shown, you've let it happen twice, which added height to your profile instead of holding or decreasing your height (on your final for example). Add to this that you already seem to be too high to start with, leading to your 5 degree final. You also didn't quite hold the opposite heading. While no big deal, it does after all decrease your offset distance, leading to a higher bank angle than necessary.
  4. Because this is pretty normal for DCS and has always been this way for the F-16 and other aircraft.
  5. You need to add the optical tracker Kommandogerät to the group if you want them to fire.
  6. Your track is way too long and unlikely to replay correctly. Can you replicate your issue in a much smaller track? (Like place your aircraft in the ME and land) Or do you also have a video of the landing? Generally speaking, if you have flat tires it means you went faster than the tires could handle, be it either taking off too late or landing with too much speed. If rotate at the correct time and land with on AoA speed, none of that should happen.
  7. 1) I do believe so, yes 2) No 3) Press again the master mode you were in to return to NAV. Eyample: If you are in A-A, press A-A again to return to NAV
  8. Of course I totally ment helicopters and absolutely not planes with chutes and warbirds
  9. Well, you can. You just can't catch a wire. But depending on which aircraft, you can still land and rearm on the SC.
  10. As usual with any information related to DCS WWII: No infos/details given
  11. At what altitude did you launch and at what altitude does it say can the missile reach M2.7?
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