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  1. And what did you do? Did you click on them? Did you enable mirrors in the setting? Did you remove mods and ran a repair?
  2. These units should have plenty of ammo. One thing I can think of is that they are reloading too early. Can you try it without the supply truck near them?
  3. Use the MT Modelviewer, located in the bin-mt folder in DCS.
  4. It's a power generator for the artificial horizon and should be running with battery power as far as I am aware.
  5. F11 or LCtrl+F11, position your camera somewhere and when the weapon is on it's way, padlock to it (I think it's "num." but check the controls for padlocks)
  6. How did you place the aircraft? Is it set to "ramp" or "on ground"?
  7. Sorry, I can't watch the track, I don't have the map. So I have to ask a few questions. What's the altitude of the steerpoint at the bridge that is in your aircraft? Check on the STPT page on your DED for that. Did you then slew the TGP to correct for the offset? If yes, did you press CZ prior to commencing the bombing?
  8. That's curious. Is your INS correctly aligned? Do you have a screenshot?
  9. https://forum.dcs.world/forum/607-dcs-oh-58-kiowa/ There you go.
  10. Are you sure the wind is set to 0? In the video it sounds quite windy. Can you upload the mission or a short track?
  11. Are you trying to open it inflight or on ground? Inflight, depending on speed you will not be able to open/close it.
  12. Should be at the same place and done like any other module. Controls -> F-4 -> Axis
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