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  1. 1) Defog the canopy.
  2. It used to be in /scripts/database/planes but then they encrypted it so now you need to use the lua datamine/exporter to get the script.
  3. In real life, the code can only set by ground crew, so setting it via Kneeboard is the most realistic option. The other option, to set it via MFDs is not realistic.
  4. Sometimes in the manuals, sometimes on the internet.
  5. You could use Moose A2A dispatcher for this. Works exactly like you described. Lets a flight patrol in an area and when something crosses the border, the flight will engage it.
  6. Wie oben erwähnt findest du das im Installationsverzeichnis oder online auf der Website von DCS bei "Documentation".
  7. Im Hanbuch ab Seite 328 sind die verschiedenen Funktionen erläutert.
  8. Are you sure that the runway you entered is the active one and not the opposite runway?
  9. Use the VSL/PAL modes when you find yourself in close combat.
  10. To spread them, you need to rotate the handle and then push it in. To fold, pull it out and rotate. As a sidenote, the manual can help in such cases, especially if you want the answer quickly. Simply search for a keyword and you'll get everything described.
  11. For landings on airports, directly after touchdown, quickly move your throttle a bit, out of idle and right back. This will get the engines out of flight-idle to ground-idle, from 69% to 64%. You can really feel the lack or the addition of those 5% power.
  12. Level flight should be 1G, so it should not pitch anywhere.
  13. I'd say not though but rather very, very low priority.
  14. Just like the other warbirds, the pilot does everything, the navigator only navigates. No seat switching required unless you want to do radio navigation things, but thats about it. But if you want somebody with you, he can also operate gear and fuel tank selector and those little things, but not much more.
  15. No curves here, and usually T/O flaps depending on speed. I never had much issues with departing, you just need to learn how to fly it and push the limits, then you won't depart anymore.
  16. This is DCS, not real life.
  17. razo+r

    Cbu 97

    First, wait for ED to implement MAN mode. After that, you selected it just like you select any mode, press on the current mode and select MAN.
  18. There is so much you want to know, I suggest you to simply use the trial and try them out. The Dora is older so visually might not be as good as the Anton. But IIRC there was something mentioned about an overhaul in a newsletter? Gimmick? Hmm, maybe like the P-51 the abrupt departure. Or their clean cockpit. But there is not much to them... As for refraction, they have removed the lower part of the frame, thats about it. No refraction modeled. There have been some big topics about it, you should check them out if you want to know more about them. Yaw stability, I'd say pretty much like any warbird but without trim. Constant use of rudder required unless you cruise at the cruise setting. But overall, basically both like the K4. They are basically almost the same airframe with a different engine and 2 more/less cannons, thats it. The A8 also has a few more bombs available while the D9 has the addition of the R4M to choose from. Either trial them and see what fits you more, or go for whatever engine you prefer.
  19. razo+r

    Cbu 97

    In MAN mode you can release at any time, in CCRP you have to wait for the release cue to cross the FPM, and in CCIP its a mix between the two depending on the attitude and altitude of your aircraft.
  20. I think this should be rather a question of priority. Which does have more priority, an aircraft behind another, or the flak firing at the enemy aircraft? Because the flak stopping fire could be as easy as the friendly aircraft simply not engaging.
  21. Generally, and this includes some personal bias, you can use this as a following rule of thumb for the following planes: Spitfire: Good at turning, rather slow Fw190A: Good roll rate, moderate at everything else Fw190D: Moderate - good roll, good speed, moderate turning P-51D: Good speed, moderate turning I-16: Slow but good at turning Bf-109K: Good-moderate turning, good speed, bad high speed controllability With this you can already see a bit the tendencies of the planes, but obviously, actual performance depends on many things and it does not matter if you fly the superior airplane, if you mess up, your advantage is gone. As for altitude, with exception of the I-16 and the Fw190A, the others should be, more or less generously, in about the same ballpark where their engine starts to lose performance. And a sidenote: Remember, do not take the AI in DCS as a benchmark. If you want a fair comparsion, get a player to fly with/against you.
  22. The map just got into Early Access, so of course it's not completed yet. Razbam also has released a map showing how "incomplete" or "complete" it is.
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