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Communication Menu issue

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I've just bought this campaign but am struggling on the Guns Only mission!


I've navigated to INDIA north of Rachel and my wingman is asking me to check in ready. However when I press key binded to my comms menu nothing is appearings. I've tried entering 251.0Mhz into the radio manually and again nothing happens.


I also noticed on the familarization mission that I was unable to call up Nellis AFB for landing.


What am I missing?



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First check to make sure you have a key bound properly. By default it's the right slash \ above the Enter button. See first attachment below.


Then with the power on ensure the radio is tuned to the appropriate frequency (327.0 for Nellis - 251.0 for communicating with other parties) and the radio is turned on (UHF set to MAIN). See second attachment below.


Communicating status is by using the F10 menu so when you are at WP INDIA use \ to bring up the comms menu, then F10 to bring up the mission menu. Select READY when you are ready for the engagement. Once engaged you can use F10 again to call TERMINATE if you want to end the engagement early (but that would be considered a mission failure).


F10 also contains COPY so you can acknowledge in game radio calls from others.




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