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Any skinners out there? I have a request...


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Greetings! New pilot here...


I hope this is the appropriate place for this post, but I am new here, so here goes...


Just discovered this great sim a few weeks ago, and i have been having a BLAST. I haven't flown a sim since FSX, and IMHO, this one is better- still not sure how it got "under my radar":smilewink:


I've recently been lurking the forums, and seen what a great creative community there is here- so now to my request. Any active skinners here? And if so, would you be interested in a custom project?


Details to follow, I would just like to know if anyone is interested or not. Thanks, and fair skies!

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So, the concept is this- create a fictional skin for my own private use (or for the community, if you so choose), but I'd like some core concepts to be used:


* Make this a USMC skin (fictional), to commemorate my time with the Corps ('88-'92). Maybe the "MARINES" lettering on the tail part of the fuselage.


* Camo spec- I'd prefer a desert-style (since I served in the first Gulf War), but one that may have been used in, say, the North Africa theater.


* Pin-up nose art is a must, since I am fascinated with the old warbirds (as well as some of the old bombshells :thumbup::thumbup:), some thing like the attached files.


* red/black checker nose possibly?


* either "Brunette Bombshell" or "Lovely Loretta" in script, after the missus.


I realize that this is very specific, but I would really appreciate a unique look for one of my favorite aircraft. Any other touches to make it "appear" authentic I would leave to the artist.




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