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A number of bugs regarding KB pod, canopy KB switch and U/22A pod


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Hello everyone!


A few bugs I've discovered.


1. When carrying the U/22A and the KB pod together, the countermeasures gets dispensed, but they pop out of the U/22A. Wierd, because the U/22A doesn't carry any chaff or flares.



2. When setting the chaff and flare count in the mission editor (or in game when you rearm), once you dispense more than you've set, the animation disappears even though you still have chaff and flares left. You're still dispensing, though.


For example, you set your AJS to have 10 flares and 10 chaff. Once you've dispensed those 10, you can still continue and the pod isn't empty, but no visuals.


Whether or not this has any effect on gameplay or if it's only visuals, I don't know.

EDIT: It affects gameplay.



3. The KB release mode switch on the left side of the canopy doesn't work, and the textures are wrong. They are the JA 37 radio switch as of right now.

Keybindings work, but the switch doesn't move when pressing those keys, but they start the countermeasures program.



4. When using the chaff program 4, the left pod should empty before the right one starts dispensing chaff. This happens if you go by the fault messages in the cockpit, but the animation shows the right pod dispensing chaff first from the external camera.

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