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  1. it increases maximum g by 33%. in case of clean jet (7.5g max), increase to 10g is correct. source: natops
  2. i have the same issue but in whole screen, not related to TGP. the game has a bug when rendering certain objects and it only happens to some people, resulting in black rectangle over that object. i have posted previously about this being triggered by civilian traffic on channel map in my case. about a year ago also by cockpit lights in mig-21.
  3. ancient bug that ED knows about for years workaround is to enable the stick to be rendered:
  4. i havent seen the bug since the last update looks good
  5. i cant test it right now but BN said so
  6. thats because of simulating the lack of satellites (also its 1994 in dcs iirc), not because different aircraft hardware. the hardware is always the same.
  7. there is no such function in dcs the aircraft is always the same, regardless of mission date
  8. youre in a wrong thread, this bug has nothing to do with clouds. post your findings in this, correct, thread please:
  9. IRL trackfile rank takes into account also target speed and aspect (something moving fast away from you is less important). In DCS it doesnt, so the missiles mess up your undesignate-button stepping sequence.
  10. i dont see any issue in the video if the missile loses sight of you, it will guide as if you continued the flight like the last moment it saw you, and reacquire once it sees you again.
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