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Witch Version of DCS is needed


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Hi Guys.


Last week I have reinstalled my computer with windows 10

All the old files were corrupt. So now I need to re install all the DCS files.


At the moment I am getting a little confused about all the versions that are available.

Witch is the most stable version to install ?


I love to fly in Nevada bud the older terrain is also pretty cool.


I own most of the planes available and have purchased the new 1942 map.

Where from I still don’t know witch version of DCS I need.


Witch versions do you guys use ?



PS is there anyone who knows when the BO-105 is going to be released ?


Greetings From Holland ! :)

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Technically there are three versions.


1.5 Stable Release

1.5 Open Beta

2.0 Open Alpha


You asked which was the most stable version, that would be the 1.5 Stable Release.


1.5 has the free Caucasus Map.

2.0 has Nevada.


1.5 Open Beta has Caucasus , but gets the udpates at times sooner for testing purposes before migrating into the Stable Release.


When Normandy come out, it will be installed into 2.0


Eventually, 1.5 and 2.0 will be merged into one version with all maps - 2.5.

Hopefully before too much more time passes.

Don B

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