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Helios not working

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Hi folks,


after a Harddrive Crash im back into DCS.

Now i tried to setup Helios again but it seems like i didnt get any Export at all.

I used the latest Export.lua from CaptZeen from here



for the Tests i used the Helios Pit from Loz and i build also a simple one on my own with just an IAS inside.

I also setup DCS via the ProfileEditor and tried starting as Admin, but no joy so far.


Any Ideas or Help here?

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Thanks, but this line was allready commented in Master CptZeens latest lua.


another thing, if i comment out all of the debugging lines, there should be a file generated with Debug Informations.

This also doesnt happen.


Looks like the Export.lua isnt used at all.



oh and as a sidenote, i testet Helios with Falcon BMS. Works like a charm so it seems like my problems are somewhere down in the lua files.

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I found my stupid Error....


I just used the Export.Lua inside of the DCS directory. Now i created a Scripts Folder inside of the Users Saved Games Folder, put it there and everything is fine.


So stupid ....


But also stupid from Eagle Dynamics to ignore the Export.lua inside of the DCS Folders.

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from Capt Zeen Helios profiles site:


Fix export.lua for DCS1.5.5 !! 12/Nov/2016


Hello all !

With the dcs v1.5.5 the export.lua dont work anymore.

if you are using one of my export.lua, look for this line:


os.setlocale("ISO-8559-1", "numeric")


and comment it like this:


-- os.setlocale("ISO-8559-1", "numeric")


That fix the problem.


Meanwhile i am going to revise why this line dont work.

Thanks a lot to alpha7-bravo4, he discover the problem a couple of days ago!"


After a wwkend looking arround, I is fixed

Thanks Capt Zeen !!!!

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Hi, I am new to this. Can someone please tell me where can I download a A-10C profile that works with DCS world? I will appreciate step by step guide to install the front panel on a second touch screen monitor.

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