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Missing waypoint info?

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I've bought the BFM campaign a few days ago and was looking through maps/navigation points in the campaign manual to get myself familiar with the area of operations. Manual contains two charts with waypoints - they are labeled BFM and FAM.


FAM (familiarization flight at the start of the campaign?) goes through Red/Blue egress waypoints and has a waypoint HIKO (going by my memory as I don't have doc in front of me right now) in between them. Unfortunately there does not seem to be any navigational info in the manual given for this waypoint. How can I navigate to it?



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Hiko is a town that is used as a reference for the FAM flight. It doesn't have a specific NAV reference but it is due east of Belted Peak.


You can reach it by pilotage and dead reckoning.


In the FAM flight when you reach Belted Peak the wingman will give you a course heading that will get you close.


Alternatively you could steer toward Student Gap as it's on the same flight path.


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