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Smoothing out my rudder axis

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Hey all


I use a Saitek X-52 Pro. Long story short I live in a box room and don't have room for a proper chair, stick, throttle, rudder pedals setup (I game from my bed with my TV's on a monitor stand on my bedside drawers).


I mainly fly the Huey, and one thing that has always bugged me is I can't achieve fine control with my rudder axis (the twist axis).


I've never really found a good concise 1d10t proof in layman's terms guide for making axis "optimal" in their response.


And I guess this applies to all axis really but how do I make my rudder axis so that I can put in small movements without a jerk on the in-game rudder and smooth movement in small increments all along the axis so that I can more easily control the rudder axis?



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Like rick says, the curve adjustment will help a lot.


When in the helo:


Escape/adjust controls.


Select axis, click axis tune.


Deadband will set a small deadzone near zero on your controller axis. On a slider, it is to one side, on a normal axis, the dead zone is in the center of travel. There is no response from an axis when in the deadzone. Do this if you cant fly straight. Don't over do it.


Y Saturation is maximum output from axis. If you don't ever need to use a full rudder deflection, lowering this value can really make your axis resolution better. Downside is you limit travel of usable output (for example, L-39 wheel brakes wont work full without 100% axis deflection).


X saturation is 'how fast your axis goes to full travel'. Everything happens faster from your axis if you lower this value. You lose resolution.


Curves can be negative or positive values. You can see how they affect the axis response by comparing the red and black dots that move with your axis. If you make it smoother at the center, you add speed exponentially at the other end of axis travel (cant win!).


Slider should always be used for throttles and collectives. Note how you can affect it with deadband and X sat values. If you aircraft wont start, or does not go full speed, you can change this by making sure the dots sit within the deadband and X saturation limits when at idle and full speed

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If you make it smoother at the center' date=' you add speed exponentially at the other end of axis travel (cant win!).[/quote']


Ah you see that's the kind of thing I'm talking about. I've tinkered with the axis curves before. Then in-game I get so far on the axis nice and smoothly then all of a sudden I get a jerk or sudden jump in movement on the axis.


Like you said, can't win!



Thanks all the same though guys.

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