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Second monitor with onboard gpu negatives?

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Hi all.


I bought a 7" monitor VGA output to display the MFD for the a10c.


Problem I found out after I got it was my r9 290 only has dvi-D, hdmi and display port connections. So the little VGA adapters I have wont work :(


Until I can test out one of them converters I tested the onboard gpu with Intel Core i5 6600K onboard graphics to display the MFD screen.


If there any negatives using onboard gpu and the 290 at the same time?


Thanks for any advice.

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Hi Gothicghost,

I use 3x 27" displays at my GTX1070 and my CPU integrated Intel 4600 (?!) Graphics for 2x 8" displays. One is connected via HDMI and one at DVI. I did not find any negatives and am very happy with this setup. By the way Nvidia seems to be limited to a max of 4 displays per card. I tried using all 5 at the card and failed, one stays black.

I feared bad FPS because of the slow onboard graphics but this was not the fact. So at least the combination Nvidia/Intel graphics works for me.

I hope this helps.


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