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Bandwidth needed for dedicated server in 1.5.7

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20 Mbps (mega bits per second you mean ?) Yes should be fine


But be aware it depends a lot on what those 200 objects are doing

180 static object with 20 planes is alright


A lot of moving objects take much more bandwidth

METAR weather for DCS World missions


Guide to help out new DCS MOOSE Users -> HERE

Havoc Company Dedicated server info Connect IP:

SRS enabled - freqs - Main = 243, A2A = 244, A2G = 245

Please contact me HERE if you have any server feedback or METAR issues/requests

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The quality of the network is also important, not just the speed. Download and let PingPlotter run for some hours.




Test with the google.com. If you see high latency on your route during those 3-4 hours you will have issues with hosting.


EDIT: PingPlotter is free full version for 14 days then it runs as a free version forever.

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