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BIG screen advice?


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So here's a little narrative - I have been flying on a 24 inch gsync monitor for a couple of years, no real issue, I knew it was smaller than I would like, but it was workable.


I picked up a Rift recently and have been using it in DCS, but after some time, I decided the positives didn't outweigh the negatives. I don't want this to become a "why VR is better" discussion, as I always have it there as an option later.


Going back to my 24 inch monitor is really hard. I love gsync, the clarity, the colour, but it's just too small. So I'm looking for advice on something BIGGER. By BIGGER I don't mean 27 inch, I am thinking more along the lines of a minimum 34 inch ultrawide, but bigger would be even better.


This opens the door to consider TV's - they are cheaper for the size, but are they suitable for DCS and gaming in general these days? Input lag and response time was never that great, but does anyone have any experience in current TV tech?


The only other option would be to get a large ultrawide monitor, but 34 inches isn't actually all that large.

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Nowadays I have a 32" 16:9 non glare 1440p monitor for my allround PC which I feel is the max size when sitting at a desk. Wags got a 43" UHD so I guess it's up to personal taste.


If you stay below 50" I would buy a computer monitor and not a TV.

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I picked up a 55" JS8000 cheap to use for my pit and absolutely love it. Bear in mind you will need the power of a newer video card if you want to go down that route running 4K on something like this. This may be uncomfortable on a desk so a custom pit like Akers Barnes would be suitable to accomodate the positioning.


There's lots of hungry miners out there if you wanted to sell your 1070 at a good price and upgrade to 1080 or 1080Ti.


Input lag is up,around 28ms mark from memory but not even noticeable.


Pic attached for reference


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