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Advices for settings with G940 and SimFFB

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I read a lot of threads about the Mi8 trim, the G940 settings and trim problems, SimFFB and curves to set or not... etc.

But I am still not satisfied with my settings ; could you please give your opinions and advices ?


I play the 1.5.7. version on Win7 x64.


In Ka50 the default trim works pretty well with the G940 as the stick stays in position when I trim.


In Mi8 it is not. Even the "diamond" which appears with the "RCtrl+Enter" does not change its default place when I trim. Well I understood that's because the Mi8 trim system is only here to relieve efforts on the stick while the trim button is pressed. I guess it should be "felt" in the FFB of the G940.

It is not.

I tried the SimFFB software, and after having guessed that the "Init ..." menu option was here to send new FFB settings to the stick, I tried different configurations. I also guessed that the number on the right was to tell SimFFB which button was the trim one in DCS (mine is the stick button "S4", labelled nb 6 in DCS configuration).

I still have no clue to what I should select to have a proper FFB stick behavior with the Mi8 !

Thanks for your replies. :helpsmilie:

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Make sure that the curves are default. If you change curvature or saturation it will broke the trim feel. It's a bug....


Unfortunatelly BST does not find it worth to correct FFB bugs in their modules.




Thanks for your reply. Yes it's somewhat a shame. Many new modules but many incomplete ones.

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