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DCS off--Ghost text on Task Bar

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So I noticed this morning there is a very hard-to-see "ghost image" of the DCS flight info on the task bar of my computer.


DCS is not running (just started the computer).


I have about 20-30 hours of flight time, but have used external views (with the flight info on the bottom of the screen) very little, mostly to watch weapons released.


I don't believe it's burned into the screen, as it appears on all 3 of the monitors and they are all new when I got them.




Any suggestions on why and/or how to fix it?

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Uhm, you don't have a DCS screenshot as background image and the info bar is part of that ...?


OMG...you're a genius!


Indeed, it is part of the desktop background. I never knew he taskbar is ever-so-slightly transparent!


Ok then...moving right along...:music_whistling:

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