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  1. "If they know what they're doing..." Ha! Well that rules me out....
  2. I did 1.3 mach after I climbed to 25,000 and dropped the center tank ("instant action", F-5E Free Flight). Could barely hit 1.0 mach before the jettison.
  3. I noticed in some missions the vehicles are too close to each other. Here’s a US Army training video which describes “security on the march.” It recommends at least 75 yards/meters between vehicles, as well as using line abreast formations to reduce dust columns. Enjoy!
  4. Not a mapper or programmer, but an idea to control the use/non-use of AB that weren’t around in the time frame (pre-82 for Falklands)...instead of using an overlay, could one put some trigger in so that if an aircraft tries to use the unwanted airfield, it causes destruction of the aircraft? The runway would still be seen, but one would dare not try to land on it. That is what would happen irl if one tried to land on bare ground. Of course, the mission briefing would have to include a warning “AB (Name) is not useable”.
  5. Excellent series! Just finished binge watching Haiphong Harbor series and sub’d...imho you would make excellent tutorials with your clear voice and easy (confident) way of handling the Scooter.
  6. In the Mission Editor one can place assets which are non-existent until triggered by some event. Aircraft can be pre-positioned in flight (or ground forces on the ground) with any load out desired. Maybe you could identify the specific location for each far-away airfield...
  7. If ya’all aren’t getting responses anyway, I wouldn’t think spelling someone’s screenname wrong would decrease the chances of a reply. Twice nothing is still nothing.
  8. Hopefully the Cowbell will be able to self-lase. I’m not sure if there was a two-seater variant?
  9. Could you describe how to use one core as a server? Even a basic “how to” to get myself oriented to do self-study would be great! Thanks!
  10. He was probably just jealous that you got to fly in a real fighter, not just in a high speed low-level bomber...(I worked on the EF-111A during the ‘80s, and would’ve killed for an incentive flight; alas, all of those went to Hosp sq. and USAF LE)
  11. When I bought the Supercarrier, I didn’t know it also had the Kuznetsov. I didn’t think that maybe I’d overpaid for SC (because I wasn’t in the market for the K, even though it was something that I would eventually buy). I was very happy with price! Given that you do get both (even though you only want one), how much would you pay for the new K? Would it have been worth it to buy both when the sale was half off? Also, a number of YouTube creators had their own 10% off coupon which also worked on the half-off price... Seeing the new K’s impressive firepower in several YouTube videos would have made it an immediate purchase for me!
  12. :thumbup: F-16 and Supercarrier because, well...F-16 and Supercarrier!! :pilotfly:
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