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[REPORTED] - Bug Report - go to waypoint does not work

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Version as listed above


1. Unit placed on road, wp type set to on road

2. Several waypoints added in a circular route around a small area (using roads)

3. Last waypoint added the go to waypoint command (set it to SP)

thus the unit should keep following the patrol route


What actually happens gets to last way point and stops :-(


@BIGNEWY , Is there any chance you could run the attached mission (use control + z to increase time speed)

It should take you about 1 minute of your time to run and see that this is not working in 1.5.7


Many thanks


Edited by BIGNEWY

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  • ED Team

Hi Johnny rico,


this is a known issue and reported #0039708


thanks for taking the time to do a good bug report


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