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X65f repair

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I bought one of the first x65f Hotas when they came out years ago and it has been worked pretty hard since,but finally the pickle button gave out on it.I couldn't find any info on how to fix this so I thought well i'll just open it up and see whats there,I think the photo's tell the story this is a very well made stick and after I had taken it apart I took it to an audio electrician and he took the mini switch out and replaced it with the one I supplied and the whole job cost me $10.

I really do believe that the X65f will become a collectors piece because of the force sensing and metal construction ,anyway I just thought some owners of this stick might be interested in how easy it was to repair.

Just as a side note I have ordered the VKB MCG Pro stick and base so it will be interesting to compare with the force sensing .







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Yeah, I got mine used, but in good condition and was impressed with it. I prefer it to e.g. the Thrustmaster Cougar modded with U2 Nxt I'm toying with now. It's nice how instantly it centers itself once you remove the pressure on it, unlike the wobbly U2 Nxt (I guess the heavy grip doesn't help here). Although, perhaps the Saitek output was a bit jumpy at times. I have the FSSB mod somewhere which I'd like to compare to Saitek if I find another Cougar base for sale somewhere.


Though, one of the screws on one of the throttle grips was broken when I got it so I need to find a way to get it out and replace it. I guess they could have used better screws given the very thick gel they're using in the throttle.

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Yeah mines broken too but I don't want to risk trying to fix it ad I don't have money to replace it if repair goes sideways.

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