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Modifying preset lua files for texture settings ?

Shadow KT

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Is there a way to make it so that on Medium Textures settings I can get High Cockpit Textures. I don't want to get HD cockpit mods every module I fly.


I got Textures on Med and Terrain Textures on High. I can't have both or I have to lower another setting, but I am fine with the textures, just the cockpit ones as you can't read em.


I can put textures on High and Terrain Textures on Low (as there is no middle setting for them), I don't see that much of a difference, but I can see objects (planes, helicopters, etc.) better against the terrain.


Anyone can assist me with what like I have to modify for this ?


"X:\DCS World\Config\terrain" I've tried looking into this one, but can't see any obvious cockpit texture parameters

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