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  1. The SA-19 is radio command guided. Can provide tracking to the FCR with its radar or manually through its optics, which include thermal and laser for ranging, if I am not mistaken.
  2. I quick note... Unless this is a new bug, or there have been changes.... the AI is affected by fog as well as day/night cycle and the phase of the moon. There was a bug, where if your mission started at day time and transitioned to night time, the AI might not reflect on that (unless you performs some fixes on the hosting computer). But in general night time affects AI to such an extent that sometimes it might be ridiculous, such as when you can land next to ZU-23 gun and it won't shoot you, because it "can't" see you. MANPADS and IR SAMs (with no search radars) become useless as well. Russian equipment is heavily penalized and crippled at night (in DCS), to a ridiculous extent. Haven't tested in a while, but I will do, just to keep my currency
  3. Not a bad idea. There are many ways the CA F10 slots can be adjusted to make for a better immersion and in general playability of the game.
  4. @BIGNEWY I know that CA is fun and that is why I am invested in it. I play a lot of CA and I make all my missions with CA. I make large scale PvP campaigns with CA. See, I know what you mean and I understand that you have to say these things, but there are issues. No, not requests for new features, old issues which stay unaddressed and reported. And to me as a member of the community, at least, it seems like there is no feedback on them. There is just so many times I am willing to keep bumping old bug report threads and then being asked to make a report for the same issues again. There are some extremely dedicated CA user that I personally know of, some with military background even. It would be great if there is something, we as a community can come together and somehow collaborate with ED to make these things works. I get all the business yadayada, you guys over at ED have your priorities, can't have community members just barging in and ordering what has to be done.... the point I am trying to get across is, that we are desperate and there is a lot of us that will grasp even on the slightest chance of hope, so... please, let us know how can we do this better, because reporting the same old bugs over and over is not it. There is also a big percent of issues, which cannot even be reported, because they take extensive play time, during an active mission to show themselves. A lot of bugs, which seem random as well. Things that are very hard to record in a short track or recreate on the spot. Maybe we can all gather on missions and report issues as they happen, I don't know, this is for you guys to figure out and tell us how can we better help to resolve these things. Please!
  5. I would recommend that you record a track, an explanation video and post them here.
  6. I wish that they can gather the most knowledgeable people from the CA community, hear us out once, implement the small features we want... most of which are just tweaks and modifications of already existing features, do them once and leave to be happy, with the occasional bug fix
  7. You can't slave the gun to the radar either EDIT: Actually, you can, the same way you can with lead on tanks, but instead of lasing you can lock with the radar
  8. MANPADS are an ambush weapons, which produces no warning (for most aircraft). Most of the target you will engage won't be expecting a MANPAD, as it is an ambush weapon, or even when defending a front line position, you won't give out much of a warning... But why should they defend, when 7 out of 8 stinger miss. I haven't played much CA lately or repeated any of my stinger tests, but I still have the original track and I can re-run it to see if anything has changed. If I remember correctly from that track, out of 11 Stingers only 3 or 4 hit and out of 4 chaparral missiles, none hit.
  9. Too bad odds don't stack that way. I am honestly curious, could you ask this ? What makes them miss, if the target is non maneuvering, not defending ? I would understand if the missiles fails and doesn't guide at all. But what I am mostly seeing is missiles guiding perfectly fine and at the last moment doing a sharp turn away or missing by centimeters. I guess the odd miss is reasonable too, but dang.... this many ?
  10. You can do that and apply it on mission level for anyone who plays your mission. If you use the radar screen on the Tunguska or the auto lead feature, guns will automatically lead.
  11. Part 2 and 3 were in Russian only.
  12. To reload the ready rack. You can notice that in all MBTs, there are two ammo counters and when the first one runs out, reloading becomes a lot slower. You should be able to reload the ready rack, so your reloads are fast again. Only way you can do this now, is if you re-arm the whole tank, fully. If I have 10 rounds in the ready rack and another 10 available, I should be able to fire five shots at the highest rate of fire, then reload the rack with 5 more rounds and still have 10 ready rack rounds, which can be fired at maximum fire rate. Also in something like the Hummer, if you shoot 60 rounds out of the 100 round belt, the command does a reload, but your belt does not get changed, so you just sitting there at 40 rounds. If you want to reload, you need to fire off the rest of the 40 rounds, to get a fresh 100 belt.
  13. Okey, we got it, you use an external program to do what we want to be in the base game, you can move on now. Thanks for the great insight.
  14. That's the BMP-2 sight, calm down guys.
  15. You are better off with it turned off. It won't feel like you have gun stab on non stabilized platforms. There will be significantly less shake tho.
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