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MP server assistance.

Ron Attwood

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I have managed, after many attempts, to get a dedicated MP server up and running in an OK way.

The wrinkle I can't seem to iron out is how to set up three different aircraft on the same server.

The compromise I have come up with is to make three separate .miz files.




Four of each from three different airfields

There is no 'mission' per se, it's simply free flying and formation practice.

In truth, it's simple enough to change the 'mission' on the server to a different a/c but having them all on one .miz would be tidier.

There is a step I've missed somewhere along the line but I'm danged if I know where it is!

I have watched several very good videos on MP set ups but....

Just a pointer if you can.



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Golly! Thanks, I'm loading up DCS as we speak.




Bloody hell! I'll never need another mission! :pilotfly:





Until I buy an FW190, Bf109 and who knows what else? :music_whistling:


Trouble is I still don't know how to go about making one myself.


:idea: Hey, I know! I'll just ask you to knock one up for me. :shifty:

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Hi Ron I do use Mods for my missions but I made sure none were included in the example provided. Try putting the server up and removing the Integrity Check and see if that works.



The mission build format is simple really just place single aircraft and not groups at the airfields and make them CLIENT useable and then name them as you see fit..

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