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FC Campaign Mission 1 stuck on WP0


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I am trying to do mission one of the Georgia campaign (the one where you have to fly a FAM flight. I start on the ground, request power up and start electrics and engines. As soon as I power up and the hud comes on it is set in nav mode at WP0 with a range of 9.1 miles.


Once engines are spooled up I request taxi and am given permission by the tower to taxi to RW 142. Once there I request takeoff and get permission. Once in the air I can align with WP0 but the range never changes from 9.1, Also I cannot advance the WP manually. If I look at the kneeboard I can see the other waypoints but I cant select them in cockpit.


A bit stumped really. Am I doing something wrong (likely, but I can manually change WP in other flights) or is it a bug. I am running the latest beta of 1.5


Thanks for the help!

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