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BVR/WVR domination on the 104th. Full online session.

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*Sound starts to work at 15:26. Warning 3 hours video.*


8 kills 0 deaths.


This is 4 sortie run on the 104th. I tried to get mostly BVR kills. My first kill was a astonishing 20 miles shot from angels 45 going around mach 1.7. My first victim was made. (In the video i say 30 miles. But after checking it was not.)

During those fights i see a lot of traffic in and around the airfield, and witness some good fights around me.


In one run i take some serious damage. I was trying to be smart with a Flanker. So after chasing him i turned my radar of and and tracked him only with the AIM-9 seeker head. But he has datalink. He turns around and we fire at the same time. His missile barely missed me. I was sure i was a goner. But it was my lucky day.

I survived with major failures and some big scratches on the wings. Go see if i make it home.


Sorties: 4x Fighter Sweep.

Kills: 8

Deaths: 0

Longest kill: 20 Miles

Closest kill: 1 mile.

Intentions: Long range BVR engagements with sporadic WVR.

Entertainment factor: Booooring with some very sweet action and views included. And maybe you see yourself going down.


Special thanks to the viewers watching most of the live stream.


20:37 First Kill.

2:01:12 Kill but hit as well. RTB Required.


Go in close, and when you think you are too close, go in closer.

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