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Harrier Field Carrier Landing Practice Mission & Demo Video


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Hey fellas,


I made a mission trying to simulate FCLP, with a Tower/Approach and LSO that can be used via the F-10 menu. This can be controlled by the player, or by another user if someone wanted to be a LSO. This mission was made for my Virtual Squadron who is kicking off a multi week training on the Harrier, but I thought I would post it here for the community to try if they wish.


The mission does require the 476 Range Objects mod which are included in the linked file. You will need to put them in your /Saved Games/DCS Open Alpha folder, and allow it to overwrite.




DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/lyehu7rmk5oh117/AADnDJaj7rDNHd247ejtJeJBa?dl=0



*Mods- if this needs to be moved, feel free, I thought it was related enough to go here but apologies if I'm mistaken :)


*All due credit to the authors of the 476th Range Objects, the 476th vFighter Group & Stuka. The mod is in no way or form my work, it is included as it is a dependency.

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Here is a new video showing the FCLP used in multiplayer by the Black Knights vSquadron. It's also a tribute to RAZBAM's AWESOME Harrier! We are enjoying it so much!



The FCLP Mission has also been updated with an automatic LSO that can be toggled on and off. A video explaining that is below, the download for the mission is in the video description.



Merry Christmas, DCS fans!

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Can't wait for the ship-based version. Great work!

My controls & seat


Main controls: , BRD-N v4 Flightstick (Kreml C5 controller), TM Warthog Throttle (Kreml F3 controller), BRD-F2 Restyling Bf-109 Pedals w. damper, TrackIR5, Gametrix KW-908 (integrated into RAV4 seat)

Stick grips:

Thrustmaster Warthog

Thrustmaster Cougar (x2)

Thrustmaster F-16 FLCS



Standby controls:

BRD-M2 Mi-8 Pedals (Ruddermaster controller)

BRD-N v3 Flightstick w. exch. grip upgrade (Kreml C5 controller)

Thrustmaster Cougar Throttle

Pilot seat



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I was able to add Father to the FCLP by adding the following code to DCS World 2 OpenAlpha\Mods\terrains\Normandy\Beacons.lua


	display_name = _('');
	beaconId = 'lsoFather';
	callsign = 'EEP';
	channel = 23;
	position = { -26663.270857146, 950.0, -20110.729714289 };
	direction = 90.0;
	positionGeo = { latitude = 49.250833, longitude = -0.589444 };


This alters the game install, which I generally prefer to avoid, but I wasn't able to find a simple solution just yet.


As one option, you can put a ground unit near the tower and, using MIST, give it a TACAN beacon. I was hoping I could add a Beacons.lua to the .miz file somewhere, to add beacons to the terrain for just this map, but haven't been able to figure that one out just yet.

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Shoot to Kill.

Play to Have Fun.

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SioandGrin it should be


Saved Games/DCS Open Beta/Mods/Tech/476 Range Targets


Sorry for not being fully clear. The folder location that you provided is in fact where I have placed these files. Essentially all I did was mirror this placement from the Open Alpha version for this Open Bata version.

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