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vegas 6.0d


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my last thread died without a few of the remaining questions being answered so here it is again.


How can i create a camera tilt?


How can i change the camera pan/zoom in a movie clip?


In-game question


How can i create the pan of the camera in F2 or whatever using the mouse smoother.


Thanks, quick reply appreciated! :)

Is breaking the laws of gravity illegal?



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Ok, its all to do with key frames.


When you insert a piece of media into the time line you are able to select the Pan/crop button (as seen in first picture). Click on that button and the pan/crop menu will appear.





Labeled in the picture below is the key frame time line. The first diamond marker in this line represents where the frame is positioned by default. You can now manipulate the frame by using the small markings that surround the preview above the key frame time line. You can actually see how its affecting your picture by looking at the video preview in the main screen.



Simply click further along in the key frame time line and then alter your frame again (seen below). So from the first key frame to the second key frame the picture will move according to where you placed the frame. So the closer the key frames are the faster the frame will move. You can rinse and repeat this process as much as you want until the media runs out. Just muck around with it and you will get the hang of it.




The key frame function works in the effect editor too. So say if you want the screen to go from dark to light add a "brightness" effect to the media, enter the effect editor and use key frames to alter the brightness from beginning to end.


Hope this helps. I'm terrible at explaining things so I quickly did a video and am uploading it now just so you can have another reference.


DONE: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQLiUJb2JrI <-----hope the quality is good enough. You may have to make it larger by clicking in the bottom right of the video window.


Cheers and good luck,




EDIT: Oh and the mr loser man thing in the pictures is just a small animation project im working on....nothing to do with you :)

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The camera shaking is done by putting heaps of key frames close together (about 10 or so otherwise its a bit too intense) You also have to edit the very first key and zoom in the frame so when you move it you wont go out side the boundaries and see black. Probably about 4 different positions per second depending on the explosion. You can also delete and copy and paste key frames. So say if im doing a dog fight sequence i make a shake effect and then when ever i need it for an explosion i just highlight the 10 or so key frames by clicking and dragging and then copy and paste them to the next explosion. Saves quite a bit of time.

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There is a script for camera shake or camera explosion proximity. Can't remember where to find it right now, but it's called "Vegas Quake".


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