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F/A-18 AI ignoring orders

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I've made a mission with 4 F/A-18 hornets using AGM-84Es to attack a pair of SA-10 sites with overlapping engagement zones, 2 hornets per site, each with two missiles.


I've given specific targets, the search radars and track radars at each site, but they're ignoring their target lists, and attacking each others sites, the units I need dead are usually dead, but sometimes not because of them not following orders.


Which sometimes leaves the northern site operational.


The player (Harrier) task in this mission (I plan to make a campaign based off it) is to come in after the SLAMs have done their job and to mop up the southern site with Mavs and GBU-12's.


Needless to say if the northern site is operational the best you can realistically do is use the Mavs and then turn south.


If we could make certain units use the "invisible" option but not have it global, that would fix it, have it invisible to specific units, or fix the AI so they do as they're told.

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