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FFBNW improvements to the WIP Land Rover


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Hi Guys,


So presumably we've all seen the 09/02/2018 newsletter which confirms some WIP British units for the upcoming SOH/Persian Gulf map. One of the assets is a Land Rover 109.


I was wondering if it were possible to have improvements to the dynamics of ground vehicles in DCS even if on a sort-of fitted-for, but not with basis, particularly with how suspension is modelled.


At the moment suspension is pretty crude in DCS - every track element (including return rollers, idler wheels and drive sprockets) as well as every wheel stays firmly planted with the ground and doesn't change at all and the hull/chassis of the vehicle bobs around seemingly in a random fashion. What would be preferable is to have at least at this early stage the suspension of the Land Rover properly animated to better reflect the real thing (wheels independently animated, instead of hull bobbing around and the wheels staying in the same place). Even if it isn't properly implemented, having improvements on this FFBNW basis makes it easier in the long run because when improvements do come around (well, the specific improvements to CA/ground units hasn't been confirmed yet, but I'm assuming better ground vehicle dynamics is on the list).


And FFBNW improvements are something DCS does already - the prime example being the Kilo class diesel-electric attack submarine. It's control surfaces are fully animated, including deploying/retracting of the bow planes; torpedo tubes and their outer doors are facilitated/animated as well as all the masts and antennae - even though at the moment diving and submarine dynamics aren't implemented, underwater weaponry isn't implemented and controls for masts and antennae aren't implemented even the torpedo tube loading door is animated.


So I was wondering if it where possible to fit the Land Rover model with FFBNW improvements such as animations etc so that when improvements do arise it's already ready to accept them?





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