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TAC18 - Leadership issues.


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So I'm 'already' at TAC18 and now I'm stucked at what apparently seems to be a leadership issue, because Colt 1-2 and Colt 1-3 not only do whatever they want, but they seem to want to commit suicide too.


That's what i do... I mark my SPI in the TGP. Then I make my TAD SOI and (by DMS left long) turn the SPI mark to 'ON', then with the cursor point COLT 1-2 and by TMS short up, put the identification code under the SEND mark and then I press the SEND mark. By doing so it dissapears the identification code. Then i give instruction by, point, attack with, armor, misil, from the west... And he answers. But do another thing, like crashing on the ground for example...


I don't kinow what I'm doing wrong. Please help!


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If this is 2.5 then make sure you have updated the campaign to the 2.5 version. You can tell by the Mission Success Criteria section at the end of the briefing text.


It looks like you assigned the target correctly and if you do you should notice a diamond shape over your SPI indicating that the wingman has found the target. Then when you give him commands to attack he should carry out the attack as instructed.


Anchor your wingman at CHEVY and then only engage one wingman at a time so they can deconflict.


The AI can do strange things sometimes but if you maintain your altitude they will try and stay at the same altitude as you (except when making their attack runs).


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