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Question on setting up the hotas systems

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I have a x-56 that I’ve never got to work like I would like in any sim. But I realized that half the problem might be me I’ve tried to use it without using the set software bY configuring it in the sim I was using dsn,xp11 and dcs in the two previous I never needed it as I had other options but for dcs I need a true hotas system to fly effectively.


So I was looking for profiles for it in dcs and every profile came back as a sst profile so I got to oooking into sst and installed it loaded the profile and still no joy. Do I need to program the hotas in sst and then configure each setting in dcs mod of choice?


If someone is using the x-56 please detail me on your exact procedures as I think I’m skipping a vital step as it isn’t working.

BlackeyCole 20years usaf

XP-11. Dcs 2.5OB

Acer predator laptop/ i7 7720, 2.4ghz, 32 gb ddr4 ram, 500gb ssd,1tb hdd,nvidia 1080 8gb vram



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SST changes what output the joystick gives. It can press a virtual keyboard and mouse or allow original joystick button through.


Profile must be actively running to have an effect.


Output depends on profile. Some profiles are made that output is exactly what software is expecting but many are not. There is a test output function of SST where you can see virtual keyboard presses being made by the profile.


DCS uses many Ctrl, Alt, Shift type modifiers which can have difficult timing problems. Normal human will press "Shift-A" at four different times (press shift, press a, release shift, release a). SST may press and release exactly at the same time which can sometimes not be recognized properly by DCS.

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