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Radar multiple issue on 2.5


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Please don't consider this post if it's duplicated.

Sorry if this is confusing, I'm not able to find a common root cause, so I'm reporting only what happen to my clean (no mods) 2.5 installation. Most of the settings are to high, screens resolutions are at 512 half frames (don't know if this is effecting the radar screen), shadow flat.


I have multiple issue with the Viggen radar.

1) Switching on/off the radar avoidance mode will cause a blank screen.

2) Sometimes the radar avoidance mode is not detecting portions of the terrain. (LIN/LOG,contrast, is not effecting), when it works is fantastic, manage 100+ km low altitude flight with zero visibilty.

3) With the previous map (nevada or 1.5) has a more accurate ground mapping resolution. i.e. i'm not able to detect the first lake clear contour at first waypoint of the cold default startup mission. Works well on the sea detecting ships, cost lines, which is designed for, an probably I need to learn again how to change the antenna parameters.

(this one is probably duplicated with that https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=202388)

4) Sometimes the input on the Y axes to move the radar cross is inverted. Or I have sporadic difficulty to move that cross in an area visible on the screen, it start out of it.

5) The b-scope mode is often not functional, rendering only the left part of the screen after a change the antenna pitch, not able to move back in a working position.


In general this module is fantastic, so I really thank you for your work, another golden peace in the flight simulation world.

Hope to fight the hornet carrier group! :-D

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Indeed, the radar display needs some adjustments in 2.5. They are working on terrain reflectance at least:

We're looking into updating reflenctance types.

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DCS Panavia Tornado (IDS) really needs to be a thing!


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