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Unit Embark/Disembark - Adv. Waypoint task not working?


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I have been trying to make a single unit embark into Mi-8 or Huey and after disembark in another point of the map, wishing that it goes close to some units in the landing area after disembarking. Something similar to what happens in this video from "pickinthatbanjo".



1 : Advance (Waypoint Actions) Perform Task - Disembark from transport / Does not exist anymore.


2: Unit does not embark with Advance (Waypoint Actions) Perform Task - Embark Transport


3: Unit will only Embark-Disembark with the direct order in Radio menu.


4. When unit is disembarked by Radio Menu, it goes back to its first initial position (even if it has no waypoints.) What is really disturbing. Imagine a mechanic deployed to fix a broken truck, pops out from the helo and starts running back to base (which is 40 kilometers away) instead of approaching the truck that he was supposed to fix.


I have checked options like CTLD, but is not what I am looking for. I would like that it would simplify work like in the example video (or in a very similar way).


Activating hidden units is not an option, as they appear where they are setup in the mission, and not in the exact place where you land (what is really "ugly" stuff).


I imagine that "Disembark from Transport" option has been removed, maybe in the past for some reason, so following the video tutorial is not possible anymore. But not being able to manage unit waypoints after disembarking is a "Show Stopper"


Any workaround for:


Embark Unit > Disembark Unit (no fake "active-unhide unit") > Unit goes to the desired waypoint after Disembark. :helpsmilie:



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Sorry to say that this command is broken for quiet a while.

Lots of people have ask for a fix, but as far as I know nothing has happend til today.

Still hoping there will be a fix some day, cause I like to transport men.

The last version it worked, is 1.5.4 (as far as I know)

I`ve been told that using CTLD offers a work around, but that is too difficult for me.

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