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2.5 Locking up after 15-30 minutes


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I was doing some flying last night in the F-5, with a single F-5 AI, and after about 15-30 minutes, the sim just locked up. It was as if I had pressed pause.


The sound kept running as if it was flying, but didn't change.


I had to force quit the sim twice.


I was flying in Caucus.

Motorola 68000 | 1 Mb | Debug port

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When you ctrl-alt-delete'ed to force quit did you happen to look at your RAM utilization in the task manager? I was having lock ups with 2.5 (something I had basically never encountered in 1.5/2.0) and it seemed to always correlate with my RAM being maxed out. Upgraded to 32 gig and no more problems here...

Multiplayer as Variable


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Try checking your CPU and GPU temperatures, just incase they're getting a little warm.

MSI Afterburner is free and can do that for you. If you find the GPU is a bit toasty, also has the ability to put a temperature cap on things.

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