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Destroyed Aircraft still trying to scramble


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I'm building a mission where once a ground group reaches 75% it triggers an uncontrolled CAP flight to "Start" and scramble. A message is sent out to the Friendly coalition when they scramble.

I'm trying to create a check where if the CAP Group is destroyed before the ground group triggers them to scramble, no message is sent to the friendly coalition.


-When the artillery group reaches 75% or less, it triggers the L39s to scramble and sends a message to Blue


-If the L39 group is already destroyed on the tarmac, no message should be sent


For this action I tried the following with no luck. No matter what it still sends the scramble message to blue, even if the L39s are destroyed:


Under conditions, GROUP ALIVE

Also, I tried making a trigger where if the L39 group is alive a flag is set to true, if they are destroyed it goes to false

Then I use "FLAG IS TRUE" as a condition for sending the message. Still no luck.


What am I doing wrong here?

Moe "Moespeeds" Colontonio

vVMA 231


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You might also consider using UNIT'S LIFE LESS THAN; especially when using aircraft on the ramp, it can be difficult to completely destroy the unit and trigger the DEAD condition.


I think checking if the group has moved out of their parking area, as you have done, is probably the easiest solution. :thumbup:

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