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change campaign Aircraft


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Hey guys,


is it possible to change the players aircraft in a campaign without bugging out the mission itself?

I opend a mission in the editor and could change it. Just wondering if this hinders any triggers or somethin as i have no experience in mission editing. Nothing fancy...just Su25-->Su25T A10a-->A10c and so on.


Thanks for your help.

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First understand that I am NOT good at using the ME.


However, you "may" run into problems with the Triggers etc IF any of them refer to "Units of Type" OR something like that which refers to something other than what you have changed.

For example, if you change from a Russian aircraft to a USA aircraft and any of the triggers refer to Blue as being enemy, you might have issues.


I'll leave my premise at that because I truly have no idea. But you may want to take a look at the Triggers etc to make sure they are Generic and not aircraft specific or the like.

Just a thought !


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