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  1. I'm impressed with ED's interest in this forum thread. We have a new site with tons of issues (i.e. Painfully Slow Loading Pages, Email Notifications for Every Single Post, Email Notifications of Posts in threads I am NOT SUBSCRIBED to, Seemingly Difficult to Navigate the new layout etc). It's super annoying that these issues have not yet been addressed. But then if no one from ED even looks at this Forum Thread that deals with "Forum and Site Issues" then why even have this thread ?
  2. Ever since this Forum has been changed I am continuously receiving Notification Emails from Topics/Threads I have NOT Subscribed to and I cannot find how to Unsubscribe from Topics/Threads that I'm Not Subscribed to. Can someone Please inform me how I might stop these emails from coming (without stopping notifications from Topics/Threads that I am subscribed to) ? I have viewed my list of subscriptions and of course, none of those I'm not subscribed to show up so the link at the bottom of the notification emails is Useless ! .. Unless I'm missing something ?
  3. Not only do I dislike this new Forum layout, it just took me an HOUR just to figure out how to post (because I couldn't see whether or not I was Logged in, nor could I see HOW to Login). The thing I dislike the most (now that I found the Login and How to Post) is the Constant Email Notifications to Groups/Topics that I have Never been Subscribed to. And the Link (in the emails) that is supposed to take you to a page to deal with Notifications and/or Subscriptions doesn't seem to do anything (but then I wasn't auto-logged in to begin with). Ultimately, I preferred the Old Forum. At least I could navigate it.
  4. I noticed it a few days ago myself. The alarm would sound when there is a missile launch but I never saw any aircraft or SA's or anything on the RWR. Only the BB.
  5. Okay ... It looks like I'm back in business. I should also note that I also updated Tacview which was out of date and mentioned in one of the Log files. I also turned a bunch of other Modules back ON that I previously turned off trying to diagnose this problem. This had no further adverse effect. So thank you to everyone who replied (and didn't rip my head off). @Chump - Thank you kindly. It appears the advice you gave was the info I needed to get this working again. I am truly grateful. Thanks for everything. And thanks again to everyone to offered help.
  6. I'll check things out to see how and if they are working after I get some coffee in me. In the mean time, I thought I would add the following in response to a couple suggestions. First of all, I don't use Sleep or Hybernate or Screen Savers .... EVER. I do have a 3 platter drives for Data Only and an SSD that I did have DCS installed on for about 1 year (no issues). This current installation of Win10 and DCS is on a new, 1TB M2 Drive that is only 1 year old at most. I'll let you know how it's working by Noon Today (EST).
  7. Hi Chump A while ago I deleted the F-18, ran a repair and tried again ... same thing. I reinstalled the F-18 and tried again ... same thing. I also noticed that my Tacview was out-of-date, so I updated that as well. Still not improvement. However, I deleted the precise files you suggested, ran a Repair and WAS ABLE to get into a Server. Being almost 3am here, I didn't actually try flying. I will give it a shot in a couple different MP Servers in the morning and follow up with an Update. But so far it looks like this nightmare might well be resolved. I'm certainly further along now that I was yesterday so that's a really good thing. SO thank you kindly for that. I'll let you know in the morning if the matter is permanently resolved. Until then ... merci.
  8. I'm up for that BUT ... can you please inform me which Files and/or Folders to Delete and where I can find them ? Alternately, should I try uninstalling the F-18 (somehow) ?
  9. Why ? Does it appear the problems are (at least in part) coming from the F-18 ? I have yet to sit in the F-18 or F-16. I'll gladly uninstall or delete whatever I have to ... as long as we aren't talking about a complete reinstall yet. That takes DAYS for me to do where I am.
  10. I'm sorry to say I don't know what a HEX Editor is. But I'd sure love to figure out how to resolve this and at least a couple of you seem to be on the right track (at least able to identify some of the issues). I've been with DCS for years but have never gotten into the coding and script stuff. It's out of my league of experience. But if someone can provide simple, easy to understand instructions I'll do whatever I have to do. In the meantime, I agree that continuing to Repair without changing something is likely doomed to fail .. again. However, if there is a file or files and/or a Folder that I should try deleting to see if a Repair might clean it up with proper files, I'm willing to give it a go. Any advice and help at this point is greatly appreciated. Thanks again.
  11. Unfortunately, I have booted and rebooted my PC and started and restarted DCS and run multiple Repairs. Most often I have a Green Shield until I get into a Server. Other times it's Red right from the get-go.
  12. Pure Client Required ERROR >> Log File Attached I don't know if it will help anyone here to diagnose my problem but I'll attach my LOG file here. dcs.log
  13. UPDATE: I have checked to make sure my Antivirus (AVG) is not interfering and in fact is "ignoring" anything to do with DCS. I do NOT have ANY Mods. It is a clean install of DCS on a clean install of Win10. I have run Repair after each Update and several times since trying to resolve this issue. Even after ensuring AVG ignores DCS, the problem remains in MP. The files removed were the FXO folder and metashaders and one other. Then Repair was run. That enabled me to get to the point where you select the aircraft you want to fly (in a MP Server) until SRS starts then I'd be kicked to DCS GUI. I have no experience with Log Files.
  14. Thanks for the suggestion. Unfortunately, I have already done that ... a few times. Of all that I have done (deleting specific files/folders and run Repair), it gets rid of the Red Integrity Check Shield turning it Green .... until I get into the server then when SRS starts I get dumped back to DCS Server List either with the same error (and Red Shield) or I get the error on the very next attempt to get back into the server again.
  15. It has been a LONG time since I flew DCS. I had Win10 completely reinstalled in December and have since installed DCS World Open Beta and kept it up to date with Updates. However, I have not flown since reinstalling it (9 months). I jumped in today to start getting things set up again and I cannot join any servers. I have deleted fxo and a couple other folders which helped for a minute but then when getting into a Server, SRS starts up and then I get booted from the Server back to DCS GUI. Then if I go back into the server without SRS I get the same Error again "Pure Client Required". Then it tells me a different set of files aren't compatible OR something like that. It seems like a silly issue to get from a Complete Fresh Install with ALL Updates and having run Repair Multiple Times. There has to be a reasonable solution to prevent this issue. I do NOT have any Mods. Only Stock DCS OB with Updates. PLEASE ... Someone tell me how to resolve this issue once and for all.
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