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Lagging Server lobby


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If I connect to a multiplayer server, after the initial loading, it is lagging like hell in the Slot overview. If I scroll .. it is lagging behind ... if I click something ... it recognizes my click after seconds.


I cant even choose a slot on the 104th Server (I really want to play on it..)

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  • ED Team

Hi Wehwehchen


this is related to the memory problem, and the initial loading of shaders.


Have the fps counter up and when you see the fps settle then pick the slot, it should help.


ED are working on fixes currently




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Still an issue. Different multiplayer server experience varying amounts of lag. The Aerobatics online server has the least amount for me. Other servers such as the Inferno servers are unplayable. I see though that many people are able to use them. I get the feeling if I let my computer "cook" on a server I want to use, lag will decrease less and less the more times I connect.




Beta Version

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