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Rocket pods firing sequence and other issues


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I noticed some issues in general with rocket pods. First off, there's probably at least one that ED has to deal with which is the firing rate.


But now let's head over to the issue that's definately on RAZBAM's side: Mult on the ACP doesn't work right. Here's some situation examples:


Settings given are always QTY/MULT


07/1: Fires 7 rockets (in case of LAU-68 the whole pod) off of a single pod, as expected.

BUT: Set it up, switch to another weapon, like bombs or even just gun or another set of rockets and back to the initial rockets, it then fires one after another from all pods of the same type until 7 shots are off which is not as expected, here's a pic showing the result (loadout is 2 3 packs and 2 single 68s):




02/4: I expect each of the 4 pods I carry to fire 2 rockets each and at the same time. What happens is the firing sequence of stations: 2 6 2 6 2 6 2 6. One after another and it takes (not actually "stop watched") roughly over a second. First off, the firing rate seems to be way too low and I'd expect this behaviour with a setting of 08/1.


My understanding is that QTY sets the number of "cycles", and MULT sets the number of stations used in that cycles. So basically I expect MULT to set whether it's 1, 2 or 4 pods firing at the same time. And QTY just sets the amount of rockets per salvo.


BTW setting the mode salvo in the ME just makes one single press of the trigger fire off everything you've got of the given type which takes noticably far over 5 seconds (not measured exactly, but I'd almost dare to say it's close to 10 seconds) in case of 4 pods carrying 19 rockets each. You don't even get 2 shots when carrying 2 pairs. Again, I bet the firing rate is way too low, but this is an issue with all rocket pods in DCS and most probably ED has to deal with that. Just look at this picture of a GR.3 firing off it's 4 SNEBs (I guess those are the same 155s we have on the M-2000C):




Here's some live footage of British Harriers firing rocket pods:


I even found information about the rate here: http://www.wikiwand.com/en/SNEB


[...] fired in a single rippled 0.5 second salvo with a time interval of 33 milliseconds between each rocket firing. The pod is automatically jettisoned after all the rockets are expended.


That means: approximantely 600ms until it's shot completely dry. I don't know the intervals of the LAU-3/10/61/68, but I'd guess they're in a similar range of 50ms maximum.


And the last thing I noticed: They spray. And they spray a lot. This could be due to the firing interval being too high and the Harrier not being as stable as an A-10C, especially since it's going a lot faster and has no gun-PAC for stabilizing. But interestingly I noticed that the LAU-68 triple packs seem to be noticably more precise than the other pods, even compared to the single one. At the end of the flight I noticed that in though I saw that they fired off "Hydra 70", which was the M151 head while the others have the 2.75" MK. 1 HE head which seems to be a different rocket. So that's probably the reason of the difference, but why is there so much of it at all?


I'll add a track with some rockets firing action, just have to find out which is the right one


Edit: Here's the track. I tried to stopwatch the rocket pods. Was always above 2 seconds for a 7 shot volley. So the interval is roughly 10 times of what it should actually be...

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