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Radio setup in MHz


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In mission 5 the only way to communicate with Civilian Comm is 3.875 MHz


I just cant figure out how to set the radio to do that since in Mig-15 i can only set the wave number, for example 162 for Sochi,


Or at-least i don't know how


Any help will be appreciated



Thank you

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If you press RShift + K you'll bring up the kneeboard, there you can see what MHz frequency you're on. With the kneeboard up, you can spin the dial and it will show the frequencies change in real time.


I also have a link that shows the MHz -> Wave conversion. You can find it here https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8D9__Jf0wgIWm9ySlJxNmNPZE0/view


- Apache600


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