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Remake of the original LockOn DOGFIGHT Video

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The author of the original video went by the name "Tigrou", and I believe he was one of the first video creators with Lock On to get some attention and "fame", if you will. He really set the bar early on, by making a video using the Lock On DEMO back in the days. I know he inspired me alot! :)


And on topic of your video - it's a nice remake, but if you went for the same style as him, you should've avoided using the "F3 flyby" view, and just panned using the mouse in freecam (CTRL-F11), to get that raw feeling that the rest of the video already has. :)

Keep it up!


Oh and welcome to the forums!

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Thanks for the reply!


It was not exactly my intention to create a 1:1 remake of this movie. I dont even think im able to do so.


Further more i tried to push this video back into the present and also tried to get again some practice with DCS Moviemaking.


Homever, it was a great fun to create this one!




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