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  1. The change will only affect cloud shadows on terrain itself.
  2. It's on the "to-do" list of things to improve, just ran out of time for this before release.
  3. Well, technically.... :music_whistling: Thanks for the comments on the video all, appreciated. :)
  4. I have noticed a few of our videos have actually been blocked in Denmark - but only denmark. :huh: And i just checked the youtube information page for the video, regarding any restrictions, and it does not specify that it is blocked in any country at the moment, so honestly not sure what is going on. :(
  5. You can use TrackIR, if you have that. If not, any roll movement, with any aircraft (cockpit view or F4 view is best), will also allow you to see rotating clouds.
  6. Impressive work, good job! :) Shared with the team.
  7. A photoshop picture it is not. :)
  8. R-CTRL + Numpad Enter - looks like you have just zoomed in quite a bit. This will just reset the zoom level to default. Cheers!
  9. No spoilers, but I think this is my favorite map now. :music_whistling: :D Glad you enjoyed the trailer. Cheers!
  10. You have a point, and believe me there are lots of "scenery" shots on the cutting floor. :) Problem was it dragged down the video "excitement" waaay too much, in my opinion. I feel the balance in the video is nice, and i wanted it to be on the high end of the "energy scale", so when new people come across the video, they might be interested and want to see more. Then we have Matts videos coming out, then we get more screenshots, all leading up to release. In short, i think the pre-order video did the job without becoming a "tour" of the entire map, in a sense. :) Appreciate the feedback :thumbup: Cheers!
  11. While we wait for new and improved clouds, I usually use these settings. :)
  12. Actually such a feature is on the wishlist of mine as well. :)
  13. Also in this scene, SSLR shown with the new KA-50 cockpit here. :)
  14. Just a little FYI, Matt (Wags) did not make the video. :) And thanks! Oh and also - the "big reveal" is not shown in the video at all. Sorry to spoil the hunt for clues.. :D
  15. We ended 2018 with a big video. Unfortunately, there was no time for such a video this december, so it is coming in January instead. :) "2020 And Beyond" :D
  16. It is the Persian Gulf. Gotta get low and fast for that eye candy. :D
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