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Ghost civ trucks n cars


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Hey folks,

Just wondering do you think that it will ever be possible for civilian cars and trucks to not pass through our ground units? Doesn’t really bother me, just looks a bit freaky and I’m just curious and thinking this would be nothing short of a monumental task. I’m probably way off here but wouldn’t each civi unit have to be virtually controlled or re-written in as like a ground unit? I’m no graphic designer or script writer but this seems near impossible with so much Civi traffic available. How can the ghosty civs be stopped? And also, can we blow up trains? ;)


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Trains and I'm guessing cars/trucks are client side in multiplayer, he was seeing trains where I was not and vice versa.


He said he took out a train while I was hosting and I did not see anything, so I'm guessing that having the game keep up with every train/non combat vehicle and collisions and such might be a bit too much to handle. From what I understand, even CBUs can overwhelm a server.


Oh and you think that is freaky, wait till you see tanks/etc drive on top of the railroad bridge spans.

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