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  1. Hey all, my Akatsia artillery units in Syria map in the Raqqa region get stuck on the middle concrete road dividers & wont budge. I've tried lowering the speed & reducing the amount of units but I can't get them to move. Tanks work fine but not the Howitzers. Maybe I'm doing something wrong or maybe I'm not realizing they not supposed to travel on roads perhaps? Apologies if this has already been reported. Hope you can have a look at this or give me a workaround as it's screwing up my mission. Track files attached Cheers GA ARTILLERY LOG JAM.trk ARTILLERY LOG JAM 2.trk TANKS DONT GET STUCK.trk
  2. Thanks _SteelFalcon_ I didn't know that function resulted in HMCS disappearing, that's definitely the issue. Solved! Thanks for testing Gierasimov, issue now resolved.
  3. Hi all, wondering if anyone has had problems with their HMCS vanishing whilst in a air to ground attack alternating from CCIP to CCRP delivery or just disappearing regardless of what their doing. Lately it's been happening quite frequently to me, I don't have a Track File but I do have a recording. I turn it on prior to CCIP delivery of CBU97 & then after the delivery & external views of weapon to target & enemy units being blown up it vanishes, then when I turn the HMCS dial off & back on to try & retrieve it, doesn't work. Anyone ideas?
  4. Ok but that wasn't Marianas, it was Syria map over Cyprus & my DED displayed 15:00 & my mission start time as I explained was 18:00. When I flew Hornet & Hog.. it didn't matter where you were or how you started.. mission start time always equaled to time in Pit. Please kindly fix ED
  5. I built a small air start mission with start time as 18:00 & yet in pit DED showing 15:00. Short Track file attached AIR START VIPER MISSION TIME ISSUE b.trk
  6. Thanks, wish I could read German lol Thx Dermax
  7. Hey all, just wondering what month/year was the latest Viper manual released please? The one here from the main page in Downloads & Documentation says 14 Sept 2021 but the one on my PC I'm pretty sure says Oct 2021. Is there anything more up to date? Thanks
  8. Hi all, apologies if this has already been reported. I was recently using the CCRP Cluster Bomb Training lesson 12 when I've found multiple issues. 1. The Trainer speaks English but all the matching text is in another language 2. There is no mention of Impact Spacing & BA NSTL shows 500ft, should be 1500ft 3. Azimuth steering line is virtually impossible to align to WP 1 or red smoke Target area & release cue doesn't seem to appear anyway. Also the Flight manual in regards to CCRP Bombing shows no MFD symbols in relation to parameters & settings to help guide us using this delivery system. I hope these can be looked at & fixed. Thanks kindly
  9. The last Changelog... 08.04.22 was out of this world with DCS issues alone totaling more than 80! Also, the AC fixes was an astounding figure too. All that amounts to hard work & time & effort to make our DCS the greatest SIM on the Planet. So I just want to express my appreciation to ED & all concerned in making this possible & that includes all the peeps here in the Forum that facilitate the whole process.. monitoring & reporting our grievances. And lets not forget the training missions too & all those connected, which helps us learn to achieve our own little goals. Finally, please let's us all not forget ED is not some mega giant with teams of hundreds spread across the world like Ubisoft, EA, Activision Blizzard or Sony etc. with virtually unlimited resources. So for them to achieve what we all experience today is quite astounding. Hey, no matter what you fly or experience here in DCS, we are an awesome Global family with an exciting an awesome fun filled future. So, thanks for making my life happier ED
  10. Oh ok great, I'll try that. Thanks kindly Flappie for your quick reply & solution, much appreciated brother. That makes my latest mission much easier & way more cool too
  11. Hi everyone, hope all is well A very frustrating issue that is has been annoying me & my apologies if this has been reported already. I set down 4 Nona Howitzers or any kind of Howitzers for that matter & I also combine a Ural-375 Rearming vehicle within their group ( yes it is part of their group ). The artillery start firing at about 1 min 50 secs & continue to fire until shells depleted then something weird happens. The Ural starts to move to another spot close by & all the Howitzers like lemmings follow him & then they all bunch up in this small little huddle. ( oh btw all units are set to "Hold" ) They just sit there & sit there & sit there &.. zzzzzz. Rearm time for these units by the manual is stated at 500 secs, well I waited 15 mins & nothing happened, they just huddle. ED please have a look at this issue as it happens with quite a few different units. Track file attached NONA HOWITZERS NO REARM.trk
  12. Hey Xamik75, a few weeks back was practicing my Case 1 Traps. At about 3/4 miles out after calling the Ball & with no warning my plane disintegrated in a mid air explosion that scared the livin crap outta me! Wasn't till after I noticed that Wingman hangin around. I tried again & this time used the Kiss Off option & he didn't come near the boat or me. Since then I've made my own Case 1 practice mission so I have'nt been back to that stock one.
  13. Thanks Tholozor I just missed it, was sitting right at the top of the list. Cheers appreciate man
  14. I did check the bombs but I'll have another look, thanks
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